Welcome! As you may have guessed, my name is Anton. Thanks for stopping by!

Who I am...

... the short version

In short; I am a young, travel loving man that loves to photograph people.

Three random facts:
1: I am 195 cm. tall and one of my favorite musicians is The Tallest Man on Earth (not because of the name).
2: If you are getting married in Copenhagen, my mode of transport will most likely be my bicycle (unless its raining).
3: I live on Østerbro, Copenhagen with my beautiful girlfriend Marie. She’s amazing, but has weird habits like eating lemons raw.

Nedenfor vil jeg fortælle lidt om, hvorfor jeg har valgt at være bryllupsfotograf.



To be honest, my journey into wedding photography was more coincidence than planned.
Long story short, I was a young student that after a few years as a hobbyist longed for an expensive professional camera. However, cameras like that do not come cheap, and to justify the expense I decided that it had to pay for itself. I searched freelance forums, and the first gig I got turned out to be a wedding. After my first, I had no doubt that I had found something that I loved, and that I had a real talent for.
I shot my first wedding in August 2015, and by the end of 2016, I had already shot over 30 weddings.
By the end of this 2018 season, I'll have shot my 100th wedding.



For me, all weddings are a game, a competition with myself to create innovative and interesting photographs that reflect the couple that I'm working with. I love the social dynamic that exists at amazing weddings, and I love being the spectator that are allowed to interpret and depict the situations that arise.
In short, I am passionate about what I do, and I will do anything in my power to create the best and most memorable photos at your wedding - that is my promise to you.